Posted on December 2, 2015


 Your home is a sacred place where you want everyone, no matter age or physical ability to feel comfortable and inspired. It does not matter if you are young or old, Olympic medalist or a person who has some physical challenges. Your home and business have to serve you at all levels.

  • It should reflect your lifestyle while lifting you up emotionally.
  • It should be inclusive in terms of easy access and maintenance.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend your last dollar filling your space with expensive objects. You probably know many people that are incredible beauties because everything about them is in harmony, right? The same with interiors. When all within your home feels  balanced,  it is beautiful!

For over fifteen years, our clients trust us in creating beautiful and functional homes and businesses in New Jersey and New York.  We are proud when they tell us that we fully understand their needs and over deliver.

We believe…

We believe in interior design that celebrates people’s differences and  includes planning for alternative physical abilities. We embrace innovation and creativity to make homes accessible for friendly visits.   Whether we work with a young family, a single person, mature people or a wheelchair user,  we are passionate about providing creative solutions for the ultimate comfort  and easier living.

Our team

We are interior designers that work closely with other professionals as a team. We provide a high level of interior design services for any size of projects, large or small. We have extensive relationships with our vendors, health professionals and partners to lead you towards best design solutions for you.

We know business

Finally, we are business people that have an extensive financial background and know how to budget, plan and stick to the schedules. We communicate. This way you will know exactly about all the time frames and fees whether for a small window treatments project or a major renovation.

We are thrilled to learn more about you as well! Please feel free to connect with us through our Blog and the Newsletter!