How We Roll


 This is how we Roll:

  • We will make it feel easier than it is to put together a design concept you’ll love.
  • We will be fully vested in your project and stay excited long after the project is over.
  • You understand that designing your home is a REAL process and not HDTV. It will take the time to bring your home to the look and feel you desire.
  • You are willing to let us into the world of your preferences and dislikes for your home.
  • We can work within many decorative styles, but we won’t do copies of someone else’s work.
  • We have developed relationships with industry partners that support our clients’ goals. We treat them like family. Because they are the best of the best in terms of value, products and services, we won’t go to their showrooms window shopping. We’ll be there to place orders.
  • Expect to place 50% deposit on most furnishings and fixtures. However, many items will have to be paid off in full.
  • It generally takes 8-12 weeks to make a custom sofa after you make a deposit. It might take less for case goods (tables, dressers, some fixtures, such as toilets, sinks, etc.). It can take up 12 weeks for a custom cabinetry, such as wall units.
  • Our service fees are based on the industry standards and our level of education and experience. They are not negotiable.
  • We are always willing to support people that need a hand for a DIY project. You can hop over to Marina’s blog, My Decorating Tips for many helpful tips and a quick reply.
  • We understand that we live in the world where everyone screams that they are THE BEST. Many people need a word-of-mouth proof that a company you want to work with is decent. Ask us to send you a list of people to talk to about their experience working with us!
  • If you only need to find a beautiful art piece or a furniture item, we will refer you to great vendors and artists that you’ll love.

We will NOT work with:

  • Bargain shoppers
  • Free Ideas hunters
  • Non-payers
  • Numerous decision-changers
  • Non-responding, unavailable folks


Step 1: Getting to Know You

An initial meeting with you is about starting a relationship and making sure that we are the best fit.  Fortunately, we’re delighted to note that many of our clients become our lifelong ambassadors and friends.

We want to know about your personalities, lifestyles and priorities. This is how we peel off all the layers and get to a concept for your desired home.

Here are some of the threads to start a conversation:

  • Style desired including preferred and disliked colors
  • Time frame and budget
  • Scope of the project
  • Our portfolio for some design ideas
  • Your idea books and clippings for decorating ideas that inspire you
  • Rough review of your existing furnishings and art work to see what you wish to replace.

Step 2.  Analysis of Existing Furniture and Accessories

Have you ever wondered why some things might not look right in your home? You could be collecting items for years and as your tastes change they do not reflect who you are anymore. For example, if your kids’ art was a reflection of your lifestyle ten years ago, after they moved out you want a facelift for your home. Nothing feels worse than a place that feels cluttered, cramped and confusing.

Instead of throwing things away, we will help you sort through the clutter and salvage what is important to you. By repurposing your possessions and combining them with newer items, your home will look fresh again. Besides, you can save money on new purchases.

 Step 3. Measuring on Location

You wouldn’t think about buying shoes if you do not know the size, right? Same is true about furniture or even small accessories. Knowing how to measure the space correctly is the one thing that cannot be skipped. After all, you would not want to be stuck with the wrong size sofa or pay extra for altering the construction plans.

We provide you with accurate measurements and professional drawings of your space. This will ensure that everything fits as expected and planned with no unpleasant surprises.

Step 4. Space Planning and Presentations

Space planning is necessary to see how objects and furniture relate to each other. Drafting a floor plan to scale together with vertical views (elevations) of furniture and draperies will establish the exact parameters of the space. Three dimensional presentations and sketches will activate imagination and let you visualize it better.

We will conduct a complete design presentation of furniture and fabrics and provide you with two sets of concepts:

  • Furniture plans (several options)
  • Two fabric schemes per room
  • Two furniture alternatives per each piece of furniture on the furniture plan
  • Two sets of area rug/wall to wall carpet suggestions
  • Two window treatments ideas supported by detailed illustrations
  • Elevations and three-dimensional presentations of built-ins or custom furniture

 Step 5. Procurement

It can be overwhelming even for designers to follow all the details while ordering furnishings and materials. That is why we have created systems for each process.

We will prepare a proposal for each item that was approved by you during the presentation. The proposal will include all the information including price, delivery date, image and/or sketch and selected fabric. Only after this is completed, the items will be purchased on your behalf.

Step 6. Project Administration

If you ever ordered furniture or even small accessories, you know firsthand that, without a system, it can be a daunting undertaking.

We created a tracking system and will send a status report on by-weekly basis. We oversee all vendors and shipments at all times. Every item will be inspected by our dedicated warehouse and then our staff will double-check for quality control to make sure that your items are 100% accurate.

Step 7. Installation

No need to take a day off for each item installation and delivery. We take charge of every aspect of the  installation, making sure that you are in no way burdened by the multiple components and vendors that may be a part of the install.

We coordinate the timing of each vendor- painters, carpet installers, wall finishing, window treatments, furniture delivery, picture hanging, etc. to make sure that the most efficient progression of functions is followed. Every aspect of the installation is handles precisely and meticulously. We take care of the cartons and packaging.

Step 8. Photo Session Coordination

In many cases, we will contact you to schedule a professional photography session. Top quality professional photographs will be available to you free of charge. If you ever want to sell your place these photographs will help you in real estate listings.  High quality photographs encourage increased foot traffic, faster selling process and oftentimes, at a higher selling price.

Step 9. Celebration!

The final step is the walkthrough with you. Together we tour every room and every detail we have created together. This is when we get to celebrate with hors d’oeuvres and wine!

There is nothing that we value more than a happy client that in turn recommends us to family and friends. Because seventy-five percent of our business comes from referrals, we greatly appreciate if you pass our card along!