Marina Klima Goldberg, Principal, allied ASID, CAPS

Marina Klima Goldberg, Interior Designer, allied ASID, CAPS

At Klima Design Group, we think deeply about best ways to design, decorate and furnish our clients’ spaces. It’s a bit of an obsession, really. To make you comfortable and inspired is our highest calling. To do it, we provide you with exclusive access to unlimited world’s resources that we carefully curate for you. And if this is not meeting your expectations, we design custom furniture for you. We don’t rest until you are completely satisfied with the final result to bring new life to your sacred space called home.

It’s hard to believe that so many years passed since 2001 when we just started. It feels like one day of dreaming,  making, holding hands, and finally tranforming spaces.

Who we serve 

Because we are centrally located in Morganville, New Jersey we can serve clients in  New Jersey, New York, and  Pennsylvania.

Our Philosophy

Our mantra is that comfort comes first and beauty second. Because, as humans, we are dependent on the elements of design and the way objects and furnishings support us in our lives we thrive to incorporate elements of Universal Design whenever possible. We are obsessed with good lighting and functional furniture and textiles. At the end, our clients get exactly what they want – a home that is comfortable and inspiring.

Design- build 

Marina Klima Goldberg is the principal interior designer. Her style is comfortable yet elegant, sophisticated yet approachable.

She says: “My designs are earthy and warm. I like to play with different textures and finishes, and my favorite styles are relaxed and comfortable, but elegant at the same time. I started my career in interior design by creating many traditional interiors, but my recent works are more modern and contemporary. When I first meet my clients, I always ask them about their day-to-day routine, and I really listen. Then I come up with a plan to turn their homes into a desired personal sanctuary.”

In addition to Interior Design degree, Marina is certified by National Builders Association as Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS). She obtained Master of Arts degree from the prestigious Mechnikov University in Odessa, Ukraine, where she studied English Literature and Art. To her, every creative process starts with a story which translates into art or design. Not only that. Marina has an extensive financial and legal background in the area of Trusts and Estates, which makes budgeting and planning easy for her.

She admits: “I have good days and bad days just like everyone else. I work myself to a level of creative exhaustion quite often and then spring out of bed feeling refreshed and ready to serve my clients. It’s always surprising to me!”

If you want to know more, click clients’ experience . And don’t forget to write us a note about any of your decorating questions. We’ll be happy to help!